Advantages of Pumasa Fertilizer

  • PUMASA fertilizer is specially formulated and produced so that it can be effectively applied at the base of young frond leaf of a Palm Oil tree
  • After exposure to the air in a humid environment and/or exposed to raindrops, PUMASA fertilizer will be slowly hydrolyzed
  • After hydrolysis, the nutrients contained in PUMASA will be absorbed into the body of the tree through the tissue between the frond and stem
  • As the distance between the base of frond and the leaf is very close, PUMASA fertilizer is very effective at improving the performance of the tree
  • On the land that is temporary waterlogged, fertilization using PUMASA is still possible to do.
  • In land with extreme of sandy soil, fertilization using PUMASA at the base of the frond leaf is more effective and more efficient than fertilization on the soil

 Leading Agriculture University in Indonesia


PUMASA fertilizer has been intensively tested in coordination with Instiper University.

The tests proved a significant improvement in Palm Oil performance  and increase in Fresh Fruit Bunch yield