About Us


PUPESA MANGGALA ASA  is a company established in 2016 to develop new fertilizer that the application is in the base of young frond leaf of Oil Palm. Our patented product  PUMASA is essentially capable of producing the customized fertilizer that the composition adjusted to the soil conditions and nutrient needed of Oil Palm, but we have two main composition that registered in Agriculture Ministry of Indonesia,  PUMASA 14-10-20-2 + TE dan PUMASA 20-10-12-2 + TE.


Since 2014 we have done research and development of this fertilizer, and after extensive testing in the field, in 2017 we started commercial production. PUPESA is dedicated to creating the best fertilizer for palm oil.


PUPESA come into fertilizer industry for Palm Oil with PUMASA that really a non  mainstream fertilizer because the new technology of the application. It is very simple and more efficient.


PUMASA are going to be the best solution in solving the several problem in Palm Oil plantation. The application of this fertilizer is in the base of young frond leaf. This new innovation in fertilizer application will solve the big problem when fertilizer broadcas is not effective. Because of the short distance between base of young frond leaf and the leaf, PUMASA is able to overcome the nutrients deficiency more quickly.


The application of  PUMASA in the most of Palm Oil Plantation able to support the achievement of optimum production.