Q : How much PUMASA fertilizer is needed by tree ?
A : based on our testing we recommend a minimum of 4kg per tree yearly. 


Q : How do we use PUMASA fertilizer ? 
A : PUMASA fertilizer is very easy to apply. The PUMASA brick is placed on the base of the leave frond. 


Q : Is ground fertilization still required ? 
A : By using PUMASA no ground fertilization is needed.


Q : Will using PUMASA in the tree cause fertilizer burn ?
A : Our unique composition prevents any fertilizer burn. 


Q : What are the advantages by using PUMASA ?
A : There are many advantages including : 
-    Easy to apply 
-    No need for ground clearance
-    No need for ground fertilization
-    No wastage of fertilizer through slippage, vapourisation  and over watering 
-    Apply anytime of the year 
-    Quick absorption of nutrients to leaf
-    Better condition and health of tree 
-    Higher yield of fresh fruits bunches 


Q : Will PUMASA work for all plantations ?
A : Before the sale of PUMASA our team will come to your plantations to analyze the soil and condition of the trees. We will customize the compozition of the PUMASA brick to meet your specific requirements. 


Q : Is PUMASA applied twice a year like the conventional fertilizer ?
A : Due to the unique compozition of PUMASA it can be applied at any time of the year. We only recommend that you avoid fertilization during extreme dry season. 


Q : Will the use of PUMASA generate more fresh fruits bunches ? 
A : As PUMASA is apllied to the leaf it creates a better environment for the generation of fresh fruits bunches.


Q : Is PUMASA cheaper than conventional fertilizer ?
A : Conventional fertilizer is applied at a rate of 10-12kg per tree per year. For pumasa only a minimum of 4kg is needed. In addition conventional fertilizer needs a lot of man power for application. This is not needed when using PUMASA fertilizer.